Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration is a unique and gentle Ego State therapy that helps people who have suffered childhood trauma, abuse, or neglect to resolve the painful memories and resulting unhealthy patterns.

In Lifespan Integration the therapist and client work together to connect to the client's younger "self-states." Because trauma overwhelms and shuts down processing in the brain, many younger self states still feel and believe that they are in dangerous situations and act accordingly. Although this was necessary in the past, it can greatly hinder one's life as an adult.

By connecting to current emotion and bodily sensations, and then showing the younger self-state a time line of events that goes up to the present day, it proves to that younger self-state that the danger is over and that they are a needed part of the adult.

On the neurological level what we are doing is connecting parts of the brain that have become fragmented and stuck and need to be integrated into the whole.

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